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Takeru Satoh Posted More Photos of Himself on the Set of Rurouni Kenshin!!! More Eye Candies!!! @_@

♥This Post would Be Solely Dedicated to Takeru Satoh!!!♥

Tapos na sa Ibang Cast Members... Ahaha...

♥We're lucky to have seen the most recent photos of Takeruh Satoh on the Set of the Sequels of the Live Action Film Rurouni Kenshin!!!♥

The ones from Rurouni Kenshin were posted last January... The ones from his new drama "Taketere" were from last February...

How lucky!! Para sa akin, masuwerte n ko to have them! Ahaha... :D

His first project for the New Year is the "Taketere"... These were taken last January 31, 2014. Almost all of his messages were FILLED WITH GRATITUDE to the casts and staff and to his fans...

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

He truly acknowledges everyone who is part of each project he makes... The staff, the cast, the director of course, and his fans!!!! Bait.... *kilig kilig* lols

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

He said these were photographed during the last few shooting days of Rurouni Kenshin. The movie was filmed almost half a year and it ended last December 2013.

He really reads the manga to feel Kenshin Himura's character and intentions daw.... Waaahhhh... @_@ He posted these pictures last January 22, 2014.

Looking back daw... (Hehe, translate-translate din pag may time... ahahahah) 
He posted these pictures last January 21, 2014.

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

I'm gonna die... Waaahhh... Takeru, will you marry me??? lols

It's like Takeru did not have an easy time portraying the role... He considered himself to have been facing a very big challenge in playing Kenshin for the last six months until the very end of the shoot... He had fears of not being able to portray Kenshin the way he should... Parang napaka-critical nya sa sarili nya.... Awwww....

Dilemma ng mga excellent actors yan... The real competition is with yourself sabi nga nila...  Beat your own record...

Nikki: "OK lng yan, tatanggapin kita nang buong-buo anumang mangayari..." lols

Posted January 16, 2014

"These are the days when we experienced bad weather during the shoot."

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site
Yun lang  ang ibig nyang sabihin....Ang tagal daw i-snoot ng particular scene na ito...

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

Haayyyy.... reminisce... Yung opening theme ng Rurouni Keshin Animation Series...

"Sobakasu" (Freckles in Japanese)

Si Kenshin n nsa boat.... Ahahaha... Haay... Good old memories... I even memorized the entire song.... the lyrics, the melody, and even the meaning .... Ahahah...

I  did the same thing for each and every song used as opening and closing themes of this anime.....

Addict lang di ba... Kahit panlalake ung songs... sinasaulado ko ung songs... Lalo n ung mga magaganda talaga....

Among them, my favorite is "Heart of Sword" by T.M. Revolution....

I started to idolize Japanese singers because of him... He's the PERFORMER.... Vocals... Range... A.W.E.S.O.M.E....

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site
Omoi dewa itsume kirei dakedo ...


Bonding time with the kitchen staff.... Ayyiiiee.. cuuute ♥♥♥

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

He loves everyone involved in the creation and making of this movie....

He thanks everyone's support... He said because of them he was able to finish the harsh shooting... (Mukha nga....)

Posted December 30, 2013

Housecleaning n daw...

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

Takeru having fun in a blunder "Pong" game... Cute...♥♥♥

Eto pa!!!! Nakakatunaw.... Amphhh..... @_@

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

*YEEEEEP* (FAN GIRL MODE, actually, all throughout this post, 
no, all throughout my blog...lolz) 

 photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

Takeru humbly said he was well-taken care of last year and is hoping for us to support him the same fans did to him last year....  No need to ask...

Me: Sure...  I'll take care of you forever.... ♥♥♥.... *COLLAPSE*

 photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

Lastly, mahilig sya sa pusa..... Lahat ata silang cast ng Kenshin... Ammpppfffff
@_@ (in love mode, actually all throughout my blog din)

Ako din (*kilig kilig*), I actually love animals... I have tons of adopted stray ones at home... kahit ubs ubos n ang yaman sa maintenance nila.... Haayyy... High five!

photo credit from Takeru Satoh's Official Blog Site

♥♥♥ I soooooooo loooooooooove Takeru Satoh... @_@ ♥♥♥

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♥♥♥Why I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club From a FEMINIST Viewpoint Na Din... Go GIRL POWER!!! Ahaha♥♥♥

♥♥♥ I soooo loooooove this anime!!!! ♥♥♥

photo credit from thecajunsamurai

Oh my gosh, I feel the same way as one of the fans na nag-comment sa YouTube!!! Best anime series ever!!! (Well, maybe my recent favorite among the thousand others that I also love... lols)

Baliw lang... 

Not only that its stories have depth and meaning, Ouran High really cheered me up when I felt really sad reading and watching other melancholic animes... T_T Like Fruits Basket and Vampire Knight.... Sorry, they're super ganda din, pero really HEARTBREAKING talaga... Pero I thought that they're one of the BEST STORIES that those genius CREATORS like Natsuki Takaya (about her *here*) have ever imagined of.... Of course, I am also referring to Hino Matsuri (about her *here*), the great mind behind Vampire Knight (ang drama din ng story nito... grabe... *heartache* ang nakuha ko jan)

The sweetness and the sincerity of each character would really make you hope such kinds of people would surround you!!! Ahaha!!! It would really make you hope for another season for it's truly entertaining and with such beautiful life lessons as well... despite the wackiness... Ahahaha!!! 

I soooooo looove Ouran High School Host Club.....♥♥♥@_@

Heart bursting again.... EXPLODING EMOTIONS again.... I'm still in AWE to the point that I want to cry na... Ahahah... OA lang....

Hoping for follow-up seasons... Hoping that they'll finish the story of the manga in animation...

But, I again still feel a little sad because Haruhi can be a good match for almost all of them and if she can be paired to any one of them, the *kilig* level would still be very high up in the sky....

photo credit from fanpop

Haruhi and Tamaki... They're the couple!!!

photo credit from fanpop 

Hikaru and Haruhi.... Awwww...

photo credit from crunchyroll

Haruhi and Kyouya ... Yeeep!!!

photo credit from fanpop 

Haruhi and Mori... Ayyyiieee...

♥♥♥So sinong bet n'yo???? Grabe na talaga no?!!! Parang bagay siya sa kanilang lahat.... ♥♥♥

Parang, I can see Tohru Honda in her... Well, actually Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Haruhi, and Sunako Nakahara from Yamato Nadeshiko are my favorite kinds of heroines.... Sila talaga ang bet ko!!!!

Maraming ka-love team!!! No!?? Ahahaha....

Walang kaarte-arte sa katawan... Independent... Focused on their GOALS.... Ahahaha.... Love ng lahat ng mga boys... Lols... My type of Heroine talaga... 

Such animes uphold the dignity of women... The boy characters in such animations show how women should respected and treated equally.... Love them...

photo credit from animemadhatter

Haruhi, Tohru, and Sunako personify the women who are truly INDEPENDENT... Can rely on their own.... No need for males... That they an succeed without them...

♥♥♥They embody and EXEMPLIFY the kind of women that we all should be these modern days!!!♥♥♥

photo credit from wikia

Unlike the most female characters in other Japanese animations wherein they are regarded as very low... Not really in a discreet but in ways teenagers know...

Like girls - sila ang nagkoconfess.. Nanliligaw (palagi)... Hayy... Nakakasad...

But in Ouran High... Haruhi is the one whom all of the boys love and respect....

Medyo feminists ako 'no? But I really like such shows which have a bit of a FEMINIST mentality to imply and to let everyone to discover and learn...

Like the Korean TV Drama Series Marry Him If You Dare....

photo credit from dramafever

I love this series very much not just because of the fact (but it really is!!!) that it is starred by my favorite Korean actress Eun Yoon Hye and my super crush Jung Yong Hwa 

But because of the FEMINIST advocacy that the drama implies with its story and EMPHASIZES...

Na Mi Rae (Eun Yoon Hye) here is a 32-year old call center agent who still dreams big of becoming a broadcast writer despite the hindrances of the people thinking that she's too old to achieve that, even including her own brother, who just wants to marry her off to a well-off man whom she can rely on, without the need to succeed on something, and make her self shine....

I especially like the line wherein Na Mi Rae says "she doesn't want to depend on any man in order to succeed in any career or profession that she would like to excel at, I'll use my own power and my own abilities to do that, not under any man's shadows".... BOOM!!! 

For me that's heartfelt and it's a message to all LADIES in the world to SUCCEED on your own, make your own bright future of path... 

SPREAD your wings and prepare to FLY!!! ....

♫ All the women who are INDEPENDENT.... 

Grabe, eto talaga pinaglalaban ko... ahahaha


photo courtesy of weareanime-cosplay

So, ayun na nga... Going back to Haruhi...


Like what I've been discussing about Haruhi, up until the very last events in the manga... Even if she's with Tamaki already, (Yes, with Tamaki!) she kept her focus or concentration on her studies... not on her love for him... 

photo credit from

Although she treasures him and loves him so....

photo credit from
She's got all the motivation to focus on her studies but the whole gang of the Host Club seem to not have any plans to make their wonderful experiences as the Host Club members to be just memories...

But to live on.. .together forever....! Ang saya di 'ba!

photo credit from

♥♥♥Hindi na sila maghihiwallay pa!!! Looooove it!!!♥♥♥

photo credit from

♥♥♥GO GIRL POWER!!!♥♥♥

Additional, a trailer in English! Enjoyin nyo n din!

video courtesy of weareanime-cosplay


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♥♥♥ "Belated Happy Birthday to Takeru Satoh! March 21st!" ♥♥♥

Wala pa akong nilalagay, kinikilig na ako!!! Waaahhh!!!

Photo from Its Facebook Page 

Born in 1989, March 21st, Takeru Satoh turned 25 this year, which is right in time for the  year of release of the two-part sequel of the “Rurouni Kenshin” live action movie!!! 

(Two years lng tanda nya sa 'kin!!! *pilingera* *kilig* ahahaha lols...)

photo courtesy of kdramastars

Fans can expect nationwide road shows and promotions even bigger than the first movie!

Actor Takeru Satoh will of course reprise his role as the protagonist, Kenshin in the blockbuster hit Rurouni Kenshin, which opened on Aug. 25, 2012, and grossed over 
3 billion yen at the box office during its run. The popular drama returns after two years in summer 2014 as a sequel divided into two parts na bongga ang elaboration ko in my other post....

photo courtesy of otakumode

Comment from Takeru Satoh (Himura Kenshin):
"I feel very fortunate to be able to play Kenshin again, but I am also feeling the pressure of having to cross over an even higher hurdle. This time, the movie will portray the “Kyoto Arc,” which is one of the most popular arcs and considered the climax of the manga. I am glad we will be able to capture the great story on screen, but at the same time, this will also be a very difficult project. However, I don't think of it as 'surpassing the previous film,' but rather, I would like to make a movie that fans will approve of. As such, I will place my trust in the director and play Kenshin based on the soul of the original manga, and challenge the new scale and action in the sequel. I started practicing for combat scenes and horse-riding since a few months ago. All the cast and staff are shooting this movie from the bottom of their hearts so I hope our fans will support us as well!"

photo courtesy of animenewsnetwork

Ang effort talaga niya to be able to portray Kenshin in a "a way that fans will approve of" daw... Para sa akin, ikaw ang the best! For me, no one can surpass the way how excellent you portrayed your character! (Makapuri! Ahahah XD)

photo courtesy of animenewsnetwork

Guess what he's re-reading? The manga itself!

Takeru Satoh's official blog post (*here* goodluck n lng dahil hindi ko din naintindihan, kakaunting katakana at hiragana at sangkaterbang kanji T_T) shares with the world that Satoh is re-reading the manga so he won't forget his character Kenshin Himura's original intentions based on the story line of members of the elite group Juppongatana along with its leader, the burnt and bandaged Makoto Shishio (Tatsuya Fujiwara).

photo courtesy of shinigamilist

To get into the character talaga ang peg! And I think he deserves all the praise! All of them do! I didn't miss the chance to watch the first movie, buti n lng anjan si Ayan-chan, and we're totally blown-away! As in boom!

photo courtesy of  shinigamilist 

Parang walang kaarte-arte sa katawan... The actors and the actresses are characters of the story... They are who they are in the story... Feel na feel ko ang story... Ang depth, ang drama... Ang gagaling nilang lahat!

photo courtesy of shinigamilist

The filming of the two "Rurouni Kenshin" films ended on December 27 last year after six months of filming.
And the very nice Takeru Satoh posted this on his blog regarding the six month shoot.
"It was late, but Happy New Year! Sato is grateful for this year! Well, today after a long time we send to you our "Rurouni" site report. The other day Ken finished the fierce fight for half a year, we have successfully wrapped up the 'Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire' and 'Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend' Thanks to all of your support, we were able to finish this long and harsh shooting! Thank you very much everyone, the fans and staff who have supported this filming, who have shown their full support! We will tell you more about this report, of Kenshin's wrapping up So stay tuned!"
At para mayroon naman tayong masaya-sayang pictures ng kanyang birthday celebration, here they are, right directly from his official blog site (*here... Takeru♥♥♥!")
photo credit from his official blog

From the Shooting of his New Drama "Taketere!"

photo credit from his Takeru's official blog

Takeru: "Thanks for posting a lot of celebration photos!!!"

Me: Naki-shower ng blessings for my very first posts sa blog ko.. Ahahaha

photo credit from Takeru's official blog

photo credit from Takeru's official blog site 

Happy Birthday, Takeru! 
Super crush not only because of his looks but for his acting prowess as well! 
Next to Kenshin 
(And Among My Many Other Crushes, ang gulo lng?! @_@)

December 15, 2012... Watched Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action Adaptation Movie) Ung Unang Movie With Ayan-Chan! ♥♥♥

Cge, sagarin n ang kahihiyan...

I soooo looooove Takeru... and Kenshin ... ♥♥♥♥♥

Linggo, Marso 30, 2014

"Rurouni Kenshin 2 - The Great Kyoto Fire Arc" and "Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend" Official Release Dates Approved!

photo credit from Kdramastars

Two Rurouni Kenshin movies everybody!!!
 August 1, 2014 for "The Great Kyoto Fire Arc" and September 14, 2014 for "The End of  a Legend"!!!

What can get more exciting than that! Kinontrata ko na ang mga friends ko na manunuod kami nyan! As early as now! (Uy ha, tuloy yan ha!)

photo credit from Rurouni Kenshin Facebook Page

We will have back-to-back releases of the two live-action sequel films  as "Rurouni Kenshin" movie 2 aka "Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc" will open on Japan on August 1, 2014 and "Rurouni Kenshin" movie 3 aka "Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend" will open on September 13, 2014!

Here's the official teaser trailer... You might still not be recovering from the AWESOMENESS of the first one like I am but we have to get our selves ready for another MIND-BLOWING, HEART BURSTING MASTERPIECE!!!

At, take note, (as if hindi nakita first hand sa trailer XD), this is a Warner Brothers production... Exploding talaga sa ka-astigan at sa worlwide popularity...
Warner Brothers Production + Talented Japanese actors and Actresses + Adaptation of a CLASSIC (ahahaha) ... Nakakabaliw talaga... @_@ Super JAW-DROPPING...  for  a die-hard otaku like .... T_T... Masterpiece...

photo credit from comicbookmovie

Tatsuya Fujiwara, who portrayed Light Yagami in "Death Note" (another popular series) has joined the cast of the sequel to last summer's live-action "Rurouni Kenshin" film. Fujiwara will portray Shishio Makoto, villain of the "Kyoto Arc." He also played Shuya Nanahara in “Battle Royale,” and now, ladies and gentlemen, he is seen taking on the role of the burnt and bandaged Shishio in the teaser for “Rurouni Kenshin 2: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc.”

photo credit from abscbn-news
Shishio in this movie is IMPRESSIVE... Astig.... @_@

In this second installment of this ever-popular live action adaptation of Rurouni 
Kenshin, the story line of the main characters' struggles with the members of the elite group Juppongatana along with its leader, the burnt and bandaged Makoto Shishio played by Tatsuya Fujiwara will be showcased!  Get a glimpse of the live-action version of Shishio, everybody!

Other characters for the popular series include the following: (Eyes on this talented actors and actresses everybody!)

photo credit from abs-cbn news website

Unahin ko na ang panikakinaiinisan ko pero super intelligent lover ni Shishio’s, Yumi Komagata portrayed by the 25 year-old model, Maryjun Takahashi. She looks so cool and cunning din, bagay na bagay sa pagprotray ng character ni Yumi!!!

photo credit from akizukiorientaldramamovie

And guess what?! She's half-Pinay!!! She's the (older sister) of Yu Takahashi, also an actress and model... Go onee-san  (older sister/ ate) power (hehe, ate din ako, go go go!)!!!

photo courtesy of mymyunisticworld

Eto ung sister nya oh!!!! So what you think? Mukha ba silang Filipina??? They're both pretty....
It makes everything more exciting!!!

Next up is Soujirou Seta portrayed by Ryunosuke Kamiki. He's Shishio's right hand and the strongest member of the group.

photo credit from animenewsnetwork

Medyo scary nga sya and disposition nya compared sa anime character na always smiley face. Eto oh!

photo credit from comicbookmovie
Pero let's see how he's gonna portray the role... Expect the best from Japanese actors and actresses... For sure, magagaling silang lahat....
photo credit from afachan
Ryunosuke provided voice for the character of Mark from Howl's Moving Castle.... Yup!! You read it right, Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle!
As for Misao Makimachi, here is Tao Tsuchiya to play the role.

photo courtesy of animenewsnetwork

They say, she's a newcomer in the business, but as I've said all of them are of pure talent... so let's hope for a good portrayal for the character of Misao!
photo credit from comicbookmovie

She was so ovewhelmed by the first live-action film last year that she would not get out of her theater seat, so she then decided to audition for the sequel films. 

Parang ganun din ang feeling ko!!! Hanggang sa kumain na kami, feeling namin ng friend ko, para kaming lumulutang sa cloud nine!!! Nakanganga pa rin kami dail super awesome talaga... with a very nice closing theme by ONE OK ROCK!!!! 

Ever since, for three months, December 2012 to March 2013, LSS (last song syndrome) kami nang bonggang-bongga sa "The Beginnng" ng ONE OK ROCK.... 

Feelings exploding... Waaah!!!!

photo courtesy of tumblr

Of course, Misao's tatay-tayan, Aoshi Shinomori played by Yusuke Iseya. Mawawala ba naman...

photo credit from animenewsnetwork
photo credit from afachan

Iseya’s notable roles include the title character of the live-action adapation of 
Casshern13 Assassin‘s Koyata Kiga and Ashita no Joe‘s Tohru Rikiishi.

Ang very cute na si Oyagi Kaito for the young Yahiko Myojin.

photo credit from abs-cbn news
Ang cute nya oh! Kamusta din kaya ang acting nya?
photo courtesy of animephproject

12-year old Oyagi Kaito from Ninja Kids!!! Summer Mission Impossible is Yahiko Myojin replacing Taketo Tanaka.
photo credit from animenewsnetwork

And who will forget this member of Shishio's gang na kamukha nung character sa Rival School 2, ung brush up talaga din, haha at ung namamato ng pamaypay? Ahaha... Good Old PlayStation Memories.....

photo credit from akizukiorientaldramamovie
Eto oh, Eiji Yamada from Rival School 2 na PS One Game Console! Oh di ba, magkamukha sila....

photo courtesy of photobucket

26-year-old Ryōsuke Miura, who played Kamen Rider OOO, is Chō Sawagejō. Kasama sya ni Takeru Satoh as Kamen Rdier Den-O.

photo courtesy of animenewsnetwork

Other new characters introduced from the Juppongatana story line....

Nenji Kashiwazaki/ also known by his old spy name Okina portrayed by Min Tanaka from the Tekkonkinkreet, The Twilight Samurai, 47 Ronin remake.His character Okina is a retired member of the Oniwabanshuu. He was once renowned for his skills.

photo credit from afachan
photo credit from animephproject

Prominent political figures Toshimichi Okubo and Hirobumi Ito are played by Kazufumi Miyazawa and Yukiyoshi Ozawa, respectively.

photo courtesy of abs-cbn news

The Boom and Ganga Zumba vocalist Kazufumi Miyazawa (Jin 2, Love 2000) will be playing the legendary Ishin Shishi leader who became a Meiji Government  official Toshimichi Ookubo.

photo credit from animenewsnetwork

photo credit from animephproject

Oh, taray, diverse ang talents....

39-year-old Yukiyoshi Ozawa from Umi no Hotaru as Hirobumi Itō

photo courtesy of abs-cbn news

He will be playing Choshu samurai and four time Japan prime minister Ito Hirubumi.

photo courtesy of animenewsnetwork

photo credit from animephproject

Antaray talaga ng story ng Rurouni Kenshin, based on true historical personalities talaga... Whew...
Cast members from the First Live-Action Movie:Emi Takei as Kaoru Kamiya
photo courtesy of  wikia
Ang cute nya oh, walang ka-arte-arte... Get into the character... Hehe

photo courtesy of wikia


photo courtesy of jpopasia

Ang payat nya  dito... Fresh na fresh ang face nya!!! Gondo!!!

photo credit of wikia
Next up, is Munetaka Aoki as Sanosuke Sagara

photo credit from selene-goddess 

Andaya ko, kay Sanosuke, isa lng ahaha... Next time n lng uli....

One of my favorites pero kinaiinisan din, is Megumi Takani portrayed by Yuu Aoi .

photo courtesy of invisibleonieo

Ang pretty nya rin... :D

photo courtesy of jmoviestore

Ang gaganda nila.... (She looks like my student, who is some ways, medyo mataray din ang features, pero sweet pag nag-smile na, 
I wonder kung pwd ko ipakita picture nya here... :D

 photo courtesy of greenteagraffiti

Favorite ang character sa first movie kasi, doctor sya! Nyahaha, how medical field! *relate, relate*

Here is Yusuke Eguchi as Hajime Saito

photo courtesy of zerojojo

photo courtesy of livejournal

Yahiko Myojin as first played by Taketo Tanaka in the first installment

photo credit from invisibleoineo

He looks like a totally different person... Creepy...

photo credit from audiovisualstyle  

Pero ang gagaling talaga nilang umarte!!! Get into th character nga eh... Hayy si Nikki... Hnd makamove-on.... lolz

Ang cute talaga ng batang ito... ahahah...

photo credit from eltipodelabrocha

So far, un n muna .. Hayyy, the first movie was premiered August 25, 2013 in Japan, but then it was shown only after more than three months in December here in the Philippines....

photo courtesy of aftersunonlysound

So, I guess we'll have to wait for around the same period of time to watch the movie in theaters... Parang mas feel ko sa theater pag kasama ko ung mga friends ko na otaku din or naka-appreciate din in as much as I do... Pag ako lng baka sabihin, nababaliw n ako ... Reminds me, I might be a little bit like that when we watched the first one.... nanginginig... heart pounding... CLOUD nine.... floating two FEET above the GROUND ang feeling....

 ♥♥♥ And for more picture POSTED by Takeru Satoh himself.... Sa separate post yan... Dahil special si Kenshin/ Takeru.... ♥♥♥ *kilig kilig* ♥♥♥ LOLS