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“Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san”

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"When it comes to your skin care, why is it important to  use only the original kojic acid soap?"

♥♥♥ Hey'all, Independent Ladies! Banzai! (Long Live! Hurrah! in Japanese) :D ♥♥♥

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Women of our generation equal men in every single  aspect of life, be it in career or profession, in business  ventures, in education, and in goals and endeavors in  life that women would like to achieve and experience!  However, we topple men in one aspect of our lives that  only modern career women like our working moms  can only achieve. And that is, balancing the demands  of work and family life!

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Hay, laba nito and laba noon, sampay dito, sampay  doon, picking up the kids from here to there, business  presentation here, meeting a client there... Endless  Mom and career duties for all our hot working Moms  out there! Living in the city, we simply can't avoid  exposing our skin to dirt and to the sun resulting to  dark and 
"uncared for" skin...

Japanese women even from the olden times were as  busy as hell assuming the role of taking care of the  whole household (even the farming duties!), but their  skin remains smooth, fair, and as amazingly cared for  thanks to the natural elements of the products that they  use for their skin care...

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That's why our women of today, who are mostly both  career and family oriented, demand a skin care  product which would simply help them in revealing  their healthiest and most radiant skin tone without  harming it!

And Kojie.san, the Original Kojic Acid Soap is here to our rescue!

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Kojic acid was discovered in Japan by Saito in 1907,  on steamed rice, which is used in the manufacture of  "sake", the Japanese wine, called “koji” in Japanese.  It is the recent remedy for the treatment of pigment  problems and age spots. It has also been shown that  kojic acid may exert slight anti-inflammatory effects  and kojic acid derivaties may also have anti-neoplastic  effects as it is effective as a lightening agent for the  skin, inhibiting the production of melanin. (cited from  Brtko, 2004) 
Quite amazing, right?

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So essentially, it is evidence and research-proven that  Kojie.San is all naturally-based and its formulation is  really potent, as it is known for its micro peeling effect.  Indeed, it is very effective in skin lightening.

Upon learning the nature of the soap and what it is  basically made of, right away, I've thought this is the  perfect soap formula for me!

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My Ate Jen is a working Mom of a smart and cute 3  year-old girl. Ate Jen also handles family life and work  in a head-spinning way. Nakakaloka din talaga at  times, pag nakukuwento nya sa akin.

Living with her family for about a year, I've witnessed  almost everything that she does at home and at work  (including matters to deal with in her business, o di  ba). Ang busy talaga and as we are living in this  bustling city of Las Piñas, ay hindi maiiwasang ma- expose and skin nya under the sun, either because of  household chores or other business matters.

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Pero, the thing is, Ate Jen's complexion remains fair,  as in maputi pa rin, kahit tanghaling tapat ang umpisa  ng working hours namin. Expect the traffic and the   pollution na wagas, and which her skin is exposed to  kapag umaalis ng tanghali. Pero, she's still as fair as  before like how I've first met her. Galing! Anong  secret? Gusto ko din! Hehe. :D

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She has been using Kojie.San for two years. I've  known how meticulous she is when it comes to skin  care and to choosing the right products for her skin. As  we work in the same company, and goes home  together almost everyday, we have talked almost  about everything under the sun. Then one day, I  noticed the soap bars and boxes of Kojie.san (supply talaga) in our bathroom and I asked about it can help make skin fairer like hers, if possible, hehe. 

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That's the time when she introduced me to Kojie.san  which changed my life, haha, in a matter of weeks.  Honestly, I've been wanting to buy Kojie.san for the  longest time but I was quite doubtful for it is, yes, cheap, and I raised my eyebrows wondering if it could  really be an effective lightening soap also packed with  antioxidants. But truly as it says in the facts about the Kojic Acid, it really helps in reducing skin discoloration  and good in exfoliation. My Ate Jen's skin is there to  testify, not to mention the positive comments of the  other Kojie.San users, and I have put those doubts to rests. 
No regrets that I've given it a try. It is indeed reasonably priced for everyone to afford. Bongga!

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I can still recall the first time I used it. After foaming my face with the soap for a minute, I started to feel a slight  burning sensation, and this reaction to my skin  signalled me that the micro peeling effect of the soap  is indeed working. Later on, despite having a lot of  exposure to the sun doing the laundry and going out  during a very hot, sunny day, I noticed improvement in  my skin tone in weeks. And I wouldn't think that I  would experience the same desired results without any  harmful effects to my skin, if I had used other kojic acid soaps other than the original Kojie.san.

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The trusted Kojic Acid Soap Kojie.San uses the original  and pure Kojic Acid to make sure that users will have a  positive improvement on their skin tone – like mine. It  also contains sweet orange, VCO, Glycerine, Vegetable Extracts and Vitamin C, which are all the human skin's  best friends.

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No worries na mangitim! No worries of exposure to the  sun nor to any hamrful chemicals from the soap that I  use! With Kojie.San I feel like I'm free to do everything  that I want, like to travel, to go on a picnic with the  family, or to hang out with friends! Like an  independent woman feeling confident of myself and  enjoying a nice and fair complexion!

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For me, that's the reason why its important to use only  the original Kojic Acid Soap, Kojie.San. There's no  need to be afraid of the skin damages that you might  get in pursuing your interests and dreams while  working on your responsibilities either to your family or to your work! 

No need to spend your money on those expensie  brands whose effects you're unsure of! For an  affordable price, you can rest assured that Kojie.San  would help you take care of your skin and your health  as a whole while you're going out there pursuing your  dreams and interests while balancing the demands of  this fast-paced 21st century lifestyle! Very much like an  independent and modern woman! Go girls! :D

♥♥♥ Arigatou gozaimasu, Kojie.san! (Thank you to  Kojie.san!) :D ♥♥♥

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 ♥ Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market.
♥ Kojie.san has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product.
♥ It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
♥ It contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients.

♥♥♥See it for yourself! And be the INDEPENDENT WOMAN that you can be!♥♥♥

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